Copper Coral


Each 'Raku' vessel is a one of a kind, made with dedicated craftsmanship by experienced potter Neill Curran.
This piece has a Raku Black Copper Oxide glaze, the variation of colour throughout the surface is due to the controlled amount of oxygen allowed into the kiln , and also the reduction chamber, flashes of copper are the uncontrolled flames that draw the metals in the glaze to the surface.
Any black that can be seen is carbon which has been drawn into the surface of the 'naked ceramic surface', This piece also has a 'Dark Turquoise Green' glaze on the inside.
Stands at approx H20 cm

*Reduced shipping cost to Ireland. A customs charge of around £15 will need to be paid for delivery's to Ireland, so I will cover the majority of the shipping costs to balance this out. You will be contacted by email to make this payment.